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Segment Measure and Coordinate Graphing
2.1 50 Real Numbers and Number Lines      
vocabulary whole numbers, natural (or counting) numbers, integers, rational numbers, terminating decimals, non-terminating decimals, irrational numbers, real numbers, coordinate, origin, absolute value
theorem/postulates Postulate 2-1, Postulate 2-2, Postulate 2-3
2.2 56 Segments and Properties of Real Numbers new per2 per6
honors class - per 5
vocabulary betweenness, equation, measurement, unit of measure, precision, greatest possible error, percent of error
theorem/postulates reflexive property, symmetric property, transitive property, addition and subtraction properties, multiplication and division properties, substitution property
2.3 62 Congruent Segments new per2 per6
honors class - per 5
vocabulary congruent segments, theorem, midpoint, bisect
construction segment bisector (a.k.a. perpendicular bisector)
theorem/postulates Theorem 2-1, Theorem 2-2, Theorem 2-3
2.4 68 The Coordinate Plane new per2 per6
honors class - per 5
vocabulary coordinate plane, x-axis, y-axis, quadrant, origin, ordered pair, coordinates, graph,
x-coordinate, y-coordinate
theorem/postulates Theorem 2-4
2.5 76 Midpoints new per2 per6
honors class - per 5
vocabulary no new vocabulary
theorem/postulates Theorem 2-5, Theorem 2-6
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