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Students need to see demonstrations and examples many times to really learn them. Teachers don't always have the time to show them, and students don't really like to ask, anyway. That's where we come in. Students can watch our tutorials as many times as they like. They can fast forward and rewind to hear things repeated without having to ask for anything.

Gotta love that.


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Wow, I came across your website and I LOVE it!!!!
Thanks for doing this. - Tamara Huey
We have tried so many other websites such as "aaamath" even the classzone which the publisher of this math book recommends. Your website is clear and goes through each step. I like that you cover everything and not just the main concepts that are covered within the chapter. You have example from each subsection within of each of the units in the chapter so every scenario is covered. He doesn't even ask for my help anymore. I get home from work and he is done with his math. I am so happy the math struggle and the tears are gone. - Tessa Gomez