Games and Activities to Develop Skills with Numbers
Subject Area
Game and Website
Number Facts Times Table Game - BBCEducation Website
  Mental Addition and Subtraction Games - BBCEducation Website
  Arithmetic Four (1 or 2 players) - Shodor.Org
Place value Builder Ted's ladder game - BBCEducation Website
Decimal numbers Fraction and Decimal Match - Fishy Fractions -
  Fraction Decimal Conversion Matching Game -
Estimating and rounding Rounding and Estimating Quiz - BBCEduaction Website
Adding/subtracting decimals  Decimania - adding and subtracting decimals -
Multiplying decimals  Decimultiplication - multiplying decimals game -
Dividing decimals  Dividing Decimals Timed Game -
Percent  Penguin Waiter Tip Game -
Square roots Tic-Tac-Toe Squares -
Properties of Numbers Vocabulary Algebra Vocabulary Matching -
  Vocabulary Flashcards -
Distributive Property Distributive Property Matching Game -
Graphing Find Herkle Shockwave game -
  What's the Point? Game at
   Planet Hop -
  General Coordinates Game - Shodor.Org
  Maze Game - Shodor.Org
Order of Operations Order of Operations Vocabulary Matching Game -
  Order of Operations timed game -
Number Sense Guess The Number -
  Number Cracker -
  Operation Snowman -
  City Blocks -
  Math Fighter -

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