mathematical logic
symmetry and similarity
points, lines and planes
parallel lines
3-Dimensional Geometry
conclusion angle of rotation between acute angle alternate interior angles acute triangle consecutive angles decagon center base
conditional statement contraction colinear alternate exterior angles altitude of a triangle consecutive sides exterior angle circle cylinder
congruent dilation congruent segments angle bisector  corresponding angles base of a triangle opposite angles hexagon circumscribed angle equation of a plane
conjecture image coplanar angle measure consecutive interior angles  height opposite sides interior angle concentric circles lateral surface area
contrapositive line of symmetry intersect complementary linear pair hypotenuse kite nonagon diameter parallel to a plane
converse   midpoint congruent angles same side interior angles legs parallelogram octagon inscribed angle prism
counterexample reflection line linear pair  same side exterior angles  median of a triangle quadrilateral pentagon radius pyramid
definition rotation parallel obtuse angle transversal  incenter of a triangle rectangle regular polygon tangent sphere
deductive reasoning similar polygons perpendicular right angle vertical angles obtuse triangle rhombus     surface area
hypothesis transformation perpendicular bisector side of an angle   right triangle square     volume
inductive reasoning translation plane supplementary   sides trapezoid      xy plane
inverse   point vertex of an angle   vertex (verticies)        xz plane
postulate   segment bisector vertical angles            yz plane
Reflexive Property   skew              
Symmetric Property                  
Transitive Property                  
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