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CAHSEE Prep - 2008 Released Test Questions: Mathematical Reasoning

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Topic 1:
Number Sense

Mathematics Concepts and Skills
Course 2

Prentice/Hall Pre-Algebra
Algebra 1
Concepts and Skills
Topic 6:
Algebra 1
Mathematical Reasoning

Standard Addressed by Questions

Released CAHSEE Questions and Answers for that standard
( Note: Mathematical Reasoning questions on the CAHSEE typically address two standards: a Mathematical Reasoning Standard and either a Number Sense, Measurement and Geometry, or Algebra and Functions. For that reason, they are difficult to address with broad assignments.
Problems addressing that standard in different textbooks
Tutorials from those problems
Analyze problems by identifying relationships, distinguishing relevant from irrelevant information, identifying missing information, sequencing and prioritizing information, and observing patterns. 7MR1.1
Released Test Questions
(CAHSEE Revolution Question ) Numbers) 
141(53) 142 143 144            
Formulate and justify mathematical conjectures based on a general description of the mathematical question or problem posed. 7MR1.2
Released Test Questions
(CAHSEE Revolution Question ) 
        145(54) 146(55) 147 148    
Use estimation to verify the reasonableness of calculated results. 7MR2.1
Released Test Questions
(CAHSEE Revolution Question ) 
                149(56) 150
151 152 153              
Estimate unknown quantities graphically and solve for them by using logical reasoning and arithmetic and algebraic techniques. 7MR2.3
Released Test Questions
(CAHSEE Revolution Question )
      154 155(57) 156        
Make and test conjectures by using both inductive and deductive reasoning. 7MR2.4
Released Test Questions
(CAHSEE Revolution Question ) 
            157 158(58) 159(59)  
Develop generalizations of the results obtained and the strategies used and apply them to new problem situations. 7MR3.3
Released Test Questions
(CAHSEE Revolution Question ) 
    161 162                

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