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Handout Document Files
Intro to Computers
Adobe Tutorials and Projects
Keyboarding Skills
no handout
Operating Systems
Computer and Internet Safety and Security
Google Toolbar
Internet Search    
Word Processing  
Multimedia Presentation  
Information Management  
2D Imaging    
3D Imaging
(learning programs on your own)


Released CAHSEE Question Handouts by Topic and Standard
Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability
, 6PS2.5, 6PS3.1, 6PS3.3, 6PS3.5, 7PS1.1a, 7PS1.1b, 7PS1.2
Measurement and Geometry
, 7MG1.2, 7MG1.3, 7MG2.1, 7MG2.2, 7MG2.3, 7MG2.4, 7MG3.2, 7MG3.3, 7MG3.4
Mathematical Reasoning
, 7MR1.2, 7MR2.1, 7MR2.3, 7MR2.4, 7MR3.3

Teacher Handouts
Use these handouts to help you check your students' progress through the tutorials.

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