Released Test Questions: English - Part 1: Reading
California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)
A Day Away (questions 1-9) Deadly Leaves (questions 63-65)
Dances With Dolphins (questions 10-13) A One-Woman Campaign (questions 66-68)
White Fang (questions 14-19) On Becoming a Falconer (questions 69-71)
Going Home (questions 17-19) Pro and Con on Vitamin Supplements (questions 72-76)
Acting Up (questions 20-23) HOW TO CHOOSE A PASSWORD (questions 77-83)
Hiking Trip (questions 24-26) Main Street Movies Employee Manual: Organizing Videos (questions 84-86)
A Word in the Hand (questions 27-29) Staff Responsibilities (questions 87-90)
Out of the Woods (questions 30-32) Pet Hospital (questions 91-94)
The Courage That My Mother Had (questions 33-35) Housepainting (questions 95-98)
I've Watched... (questions 36-39) The Art of the Sandwich (questions 99-103)
The School Garden (questions 40-43) Early Spring (questions 104-106)
The Remarkable Paper Cuttings of Hans Christian Andersen (questions 44-47) Gorman Productions Welcome Packet (questions 107-110)
A Brain Divided (questions 48-50) You Can Do Wonders (questions 112-116)
California: A Tribute (questions 51-53) Shower Radio —Warranty and Directions (questions 117-121)
Electric Cars Deserve a Second Look (questions 54-56) The Piano Lesson (questions 122-125)
On Screen (questions 57-59) “Why I’d Like to Visit Texas” Essay Contest
(questions 126-129)
Seining for Minnows (questions 60-62) Wildflowers (questions 130-134)