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Windows XP Tutorials
Download handout for Windows XP Tutorials in Word - ic_assn2_os

Windows XP Tutorials
Windows XP "Your Turn" Assignments

Customize Your Desktop

Part 1.....Part 2

Show your teacher how to change:
  1. The desktop image
  2. The screen resolution
1) With your teacher's permission, uninstall then re-install Google Toolbar.
2) If Google toolbar is not installed on your computer, check with your teacher.Your teacher will most likely have you install, uninstall, then re-install Google Toolbar
Defragment the hard drive of the computer you are using. Show your teacher the defragmenter program as it is running.
Note: some school computers are set so that students cannot do this.
No assignment
No assignment
No assignment
1) With your teacher's permission, run Disk Cleanup on your computer.
2) Have the teacher watch as you delete temporary internet files and the recycle bin.