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Blending Modes and Layer Opacity -
Blending Modes Sampler Project - Part 1
click here to download Blending Modes Project here to download an example of the completed Blending Modes Project
Please use a full-color picture for your Blending Modes Sampler Project.


Written Directions for Bleding Mode Sampler Project:


Before you get started - Find a suitable picture
You can do a Google Image search or you can use one of the pictures you already downloaded from a stock photography site.

Step 1:
Open the picture you downloaded and the bl_mode_exercise.psd file.
You can also download my completed example, bl_mode_example.psd
Step 2:
Using the move tool, drag your downloaded picture onto the bl_mode_exercise.psd . If your picture is too big or too small to fit in one of the squares, go to Edit > Transform > Scale to change its size.
Step 3:
Double-click the layer you just created. Name this layer "1 normal", because it's the picture in the first box, and it's blending mode is normal.
Step 4:
Turn down the opacity of the layer and that makes it more transparent. Then right-click the layer and make a Duplicate Layer.
Step 5:
Call this next layer "3 Dissolve", because it's the picture in the 3rd box and it's going to have the dissolve blending mode.
Step 7:
Next, right-click the layer again. Make another Duplicate Layer. Call this layer 4 multiply because it's going to be in the 4th square with the blending mode multiply. You'll continue this process until you have a layer set to each blending mode.

Step 8:
When you're finished placing all 17 layers, then make the following experiment.

1. Set all the layers to opacity between 70 - 80%.
2. Then go to layer 0, and move the opacity of that layer up and down and observe how that changes how the other layers look. Leave the layer at 50% opacity so the teacher can see you did this experiment.