Photoshop Tutorials - South Park Character Project
South Park Character Project

Learning Objectives: Practice the following tools, procedures, and concepts

-Taking a screenshot
-Making circles and ovals with the Elliptical Marquee and Paintbucket tools
-Making squares and rectangles with the Rectangular Marquee and Paintbucket tools
-Modifying shapes using the Polygon Lasso tool
-Making other shapes using the Lasso tools and the Paintbucket -tools
-Line and Paintbrush Tools
-Transforming Selections
-Using the Eyedropper tool to sample colors
-Adding to a Selection using the SHIFT key
-Subtracting from a Selection using the ALT key
-Changing Layer Order
-Making and modifying paths with the Pen and Direct Selection Tools
-Applying fills and strokes to subpaths

Project Description (details included in tutorials):
1) Go to or to and design a character in the style of the TV show South Park, which look like simple paper cut-outs layered together. (Note: no violent or suggestive content allowed) Note: If you cannot access this site, you can download one of the premade designs from the bottom of this page.
2) Use a screenshot of the design as a template to make a high resolution version of this design. Use the Selection and Pen tools and the Paintbucket tools to make the parts that look like simple paper cut-outs. Watch the set of tutorials for specific directions

Grading Rubric (1 – below expectations, 2 – meets expectations, 3 – exceeds expectations)
Progress Checks
___Appropriate Design(1 or 2 only)
___Document Size(1 or 2 only) ___Eye
___Character Resize ___Body shape
___Head ___Feet
___Hand and thumb ___Legs
Final Evaluation
_____ Placement of Design (Symmetrical or Asymmetrical balance, not out of printing area)
_____ Descriptive names for every layer
_____ All oval and circular shapes created by the Elliptical Marquee and Transform Selection
_____ All polygonal shapes created by the Rectangular Marquee or Polygon Lasso and Transform Selection
_____Project Completeness

_____ Total Points (of a possible 37)

Project Description and Rubric Handout in Word

South Park Character Project:
Step 1: Create Your Document In Photoshop

South Park Character Project:
Step 2: Use Edit>Transform to Resize Your Character

South Park Character Project:
Step 3: Character Parts that are Circles: Head and Hands
Part 1: Head...............Part 2: Hands
South Park Character Project:
Step 4: Character Parts that are Modified Circles:
Eyes, Eyelids, Bodies, Feet
Part 1.............Part 2................Part 3...............Part 4
South Park Character Project:
Step 5: Using Duplicate Layer and Transform>Flip Horizontal to Create Symmetrical Body Parts
South Park Character Project:
Step 7: Using the Pen Tool to Make Freeform Shapes:
Hair.................Part 1.........Part 2.........Part 3.........Part 4


Click to download one of these designs: