"Your Turn" Assignment
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Rectangular Marquee
Part 1......Part 2

Assignment combined with Elliptical Marquee assignment  
Elliptical Marquee
  1. Download the picture sideshow.jpg..
  2. Make a Rectangular Marquee selection, and use that to make an Adjustment Layer.
  3. Make an Elliptical Marquee selection, and use that to make another Adjustment Layer.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
  1. Open a picture of your choice in Photoshop. Use Fixed Target Size to crop the picture to 200 by 300 pixels.
  2. Download Crop1.jpg and Crop2.jpg . Use the Rule of Thirds to crop them by placing intersecting guides though interesting parts of the picture and crop accordingly.
Regular Lasso
  1. Download the picture SideshowV2.jpg.
  2. Select the stork using the Regular Lasso tool.
  3. Hit the Delete key to erase the stork.
Polygon Lasso 1) Download the picture fallingwater.jpg
2) Use the Polygon Lasso tool to select the house.
3) Go to Selection>Inverse Selection to select everything but the house.
4) Apply a Filter such as Filter>Artistic>Smudge Stick.
Magnetic Lasso 1) Download volcano.jpg.
2) Use the Magnetic Lasso tool to select part of the cloud, then change the Brightness/Contrast, or use a Filter on the part you selected.
Magic Wand
Part 1
Part 2
Part 1
1) Download the picture sea_lion.jpg and cal_coast.jpg.
2) Use the Magic Wand tool and the Delete key to remove the background from the sea lion sculpture.
3) Drag the sea lion onto the picture of the coast 2 times so there will be two sea lions.
Part 2
1) Download bigsurcoastline.jpg.
2) Use the MagicWand tool to Delete the sky on the first picture (cal_coast), and replace it with the sky from the big sur coastline picture.

Horizontal and Vertical Type Tools

Part 1

Part 2

Here are the settings for the 4 type layers for the assignment:
Calendar Project
Step 5
Place numbers on the calendar
Step 6a ..... Step 6b
Place days of the week on the calendar
Step 7
Use guides to align numbers and day names on the calendar

Font Choice #1

  • Horizontal type
  • 24 points
  • Left-Justified
  • Anti-Alias: Smooth

Font Choice #2

  • Horizontal type
  • 20 points
  • Leading – 50
  • Underlined
  • Center-Justified
  • Anti-Alias : None

Font Choice #3

  • Vertical Type
  • Top Justified
  • Anti-Alias : Strong

Font Choice #4

  • Vertical Type
  • Faux Bold
  • Center Justified
  • Rotated
  • Anti-Alias : Crisp
Type Mask Tools
Part A

No Assignment

Calendar Project
Step 8a ... Step 8b ... Step 8c
Use the Type Mask to put the month name on the calendar
Type Mask Tools
Part B
  1. Download HelensReef.jpg
  2. Use the Type Mask Tool to write Helen's Reef
  3. Use Transform Selection to make that selection area take up most of the document.. Press Enter when you're finished.
  4. Go to Edit > Cut and then Edit > Paste to put "Helen's Reef" on a new layer.
  5. Use the Move tool to adjust the "Helen's Reef" layer.
  6. Go to Layer > Effects to put a Drop Shadow and a Bevel/Emboss on the "Helen's Reef" layer.
Type Mask Tools
Part C
  1. Download HelensReef.jpg again but this time change the name to HelensReefV2 so you won't overwrite the file from Part B.
  2. Use the Layer Palette Menu Button to make a New Layer.
  3. Use the Type Mask and Select > Transform Selection to make the type selection very large like it is here.
  4. Go to Select > Inverse Selection and use the Paintbucket tool to fill the new selection with color on the new layer. You may use white like I did or another color.
  5. Turn down the opacity of the new layer.
Type Mask Tools
Part D
  1. Download another copy of HelensReef.jpg and Save As ...HelensReefV3
  2. Make the Type Mask and Select > Transform Selection again.
  3. Apply the filter of your choice to the selection.
Calendar Project
Step 9a
.....Step 9b Use Layer Effects on the calendar - Finished!