Photoshop Tutorials - 12-Month Calendar Design
Project Overview *****
Step 1 : Choose a calendar theme and 12 pictures from a stock photography site. Add all the prices of the 12 pictures and record that on your on your Cost/Profit projection.
Step 2: Use Save As.. to make a copy of your old calendar, and remove the old pictures and month name. and name the new file January20XX.psd (if you don't have your old file, download mine here.)
Step 3: Move the calendar dates to their positions for January of the year of your calendar (2009, 2010, etc)
Step 4: Add your image for January, and choose coordinating colors for your background and text.
Step 5: Choose a new font style and size, and adjust your guides accordingly.
Step 6: Use Save As... to make copies of this calendar page for February - December.
Step 7: Follow Steps 3 - 5 to finish the calendar pages for February - December.
Step 8: Make a page that shows all the dates for the following year

Step 8: After showing all 12 calendar pages to your teacher, make 2 flattened copies of each calendar page using Save A Copy.. Name them like this

  • JanPrintUp.psd and JanPrintDown.psd
  • FebPrintUp.psd and FebPrintDown.psd
  • MarPrintUp.psd and MarPrintDown.psd
  • ....etc.
  • Make yearUp.psd and yearDown.psd for the page with the dates for the following year.
Step 9: Make the files for your front and back covers
Step 10: Choose 1 or 2 of your pictures to go on the front cover.
Step 11: Design the front cover with type and background colors that match the pictures.
Step 12: Make a third copy of one of your calendar pages, and make a thumbnail version of it by changing the image size to width 2 inches.
Step 13: Design a back cover that shows the thumbnail view of one of the calendar pages, and all of your calendar pictures.
Step 14: Make the following change to each "PrintUp" and "PrintDown" document:
Change the canvas size to 8.5 wide, 5.5 high, anchored at the top center for Print Up and the bottom center for "PrintDown". This will change each document to be only that half of the calendar.
Step 15: Download the files: , ,

Place all the PrintUp and PrintDown images onto all the Front and Back documents.
Step 16: Complete the Cost/Profit Projection for the calendar
Step 17 (optionsal): Print and assemble your calendar.
Cost/Profit Projections:
Grading Rubric

Cost Projections:
________________ Cost of 12 images

_______1000.00___ Cost of Printing

________________Production Cost for 5000

________________Maximum Gross wholesale income for 5000
(1/2 retail price x 5000)

________________Maximum Net
wholesale income for 5000
(Maximum gross - Production Cost)

0 – unacceptable (redo)
1 – below expectations
2 – meets expectations
3 – exceeds expectations

____Document Specs
____Cover Design
____Use of guides
____Type choices (color, font, size,effects)
____Print file accuracy
____Commercial Viability
____Overall Design
____Cost Projection

____Total Points (7-20)