Photoshop Tutorials - Graduation Cards and Announcements Design
Step 1 : Create your files Step 5: Use feathered selection and opacity where appropriate to blend images with background
Step 2: Choose the text Step 6 Part 1, Step 6 Part 2: Use Edit > Transform where appropriate to make different versions of the images
Step 3: Choose 1-2 pieces of artwork from a stock photography site and write down the price for a medium resolution or higher image. Step 7: Use symmetrical and/or asymmetrical balance to design the card
Step 4: Choose backgrounds and text colors and layer effects that coordinate with colors in the images Step 8: Complete the Cost/Profit Projection for each of the two cards
Cost/Profit Projections:
Grading Rubric

Cost Projections:
________________ Cost of images
_______500.00___ Cost of Printing

________________Production Cost for 1000

________________Maximum Gross wholesale income for 1000
(1/2 retail price x 1000)

________________Maximum Net
wholesale income for 1000
(Maximum gross - Production Cost)

0 – unacceptable (redo)
1 – below expectations
2 – meets expectations
3 – exceeds expectations

____Document Specs
____Use of guides
____Type choices (color, font, size,effects)
____Selection, Opacity and Transformation
____Commercial Viability
____Overall Design
____Cost Projection

____Total Points (7-20)