MS Word Tutorials
MS Word "Your Turn" Assignments
1 Selection no assignment
2 SpellCheck and AutoCorrect
  • Download the document spellcheck.doc by right-clicking the linkand choosing "save target as".
  • Correct the spelling errors in the document by right-clicking each misspelled word and choosing the right spelling.
  • At the bottom of the document, make the copyright symbol by typing (c).
3 Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Assignment - Part A

3) Download bullet_practice.doc from this link to your folder in My Documents.

4) Use the Bullets and Numbering dialog box to change each set of bullets to custom bullets.

Assignment - Part B
1) Download numlist.doc from the link above to your folder in My Documents. Use the numbering button to number all the major characters in Romeo and Juliet.

2) Use the "continue previous list" option on the Bullets and Numbering dialog box so that the numbering for the minor characters continues from the major characters. If you do this correctly, you will have 20 numbered characters


4 Find/Replace
  • Right-click the link below for the file: scene1_romeoandjuliet.doc.
  • Save the file in your folder in My Documents and open the file in Microsoft Word.
  • Use Find/Replace to replace the normal names of the following characters with silly names, or your friends names: Gregory, Sampson, Abraham, Benvolio, Tybalt, Capulet, Lady Capulet, Montague, Lady Montague
5 Columns
  • Download the document practice.doc from the link above, and save it into your folder in My Documents.
  • Format it into 3 columns
  • Change the size of the columns.
  • Be sure to save the document into your folder in My Documents. The article is called Dirty Fighting Techniques, and you will use it for several different tutorials.
6 Outline
  • Download the word document outline_practice.doc. There is a link at the top of this page. Put it in proper outline form .
  • Be sure to use the increase indent and numbering buttons to do this. Do not make your outline by using the space bar, or by numbering it yourself.

Outline Project(s) for Electronic Keyboarding

  • Outline: The Benefits of Running
  • Outline: Television and Children's Violence
7 Headers/Footers 1) Open practice.doc (Dirty Fighting Techniques) that you saved in your folder in My Documents.

2) Use autotext to put author, page # and date in the header.

3) Use the Header/Footer toolbar buttons to put the time and page number in the footer.
8 Labels/Envelopes no assignment
    Labels/Envelope Project(s) for Electronic Keyboarding.

Part 1.........Part 2

Open practice.doc (Dirty Fighting Techniques).
Insert 3 pieces of clip art.( Choose whichever ones you like!)

First piece of clip art

  • center it horizontally
  • set it to square wrap.

Second piece of clip art -

  • Rotate it 45 degrees
  • set it to tight wrap.
  • (If you have an older version of MS Word, this might not be possible.)

Third piece of clip art -

  • Set washout picture setting
  • Put picture behind text.
10 Tables
Part 1.........Part 2

Assignment - Part 1

Download the document presidents.doc from the link above make them into a table using convert to table.

Assignment - Part 2

Use the table drawing tools or the table menu to make a table that looks just like this one.

It has 4 rows, 3 columns, and two sets of cells that are merged together.


Tables Projects for Electronic Keyboarding.

  • Chapter 2 Summary
  • Chemical Formulas
  • The Cell as a Factory
11 Printing

no assignment



  Pts MSWord Mini-Projects
Mini Project #1 1 Chart(Table) #1 – Chapter 2 Summary
Mini Project #2 1 Chart(Table) #2 –Chemical Formulas of Common Substances
Mini Project #3 1 Chart(Table) #3 – The Cell as a Factory
Mini Project #4 1 Formatted Bulleted List: How to Become an Early Riser
Mini Project #5 1 Business Complaint Letter
Mini Project #6 1 Cover Letter for a Resume
Mini Project #7 1 Sample Student Resume
Mini Project #8 1 Research Paper Outline #1- The Benefits of Running
Mini Project #9 1 Research Paper Outline #2- Children and Television Violence

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