PowerPoint Tutorials
PowerPoint "Your Turn" Assignments
1 Overview no assignment
2 Add, Delete and Move Slides Part A

Part B

  1. Open the PowerPoint program. There will automatically be one slide there, a title slide.
  2. Insert 5 more slides, each with a different layout.
  1. Download the file slideorder.ppt. Use the slide sorter view to
    • Put the slides in the correct order and to
    • Delete the slide labeled "Delete Me".
3 Pictures and Clip Art
  1. Download the PowerPoint file adding_picture_practice.ppt and open it in PowerPoint. Right-click the link and choose Save Target As...
  2. Go to the second slide. Using the Add Picture icon, insert one of the pictures you saved to your folder in My Documents. You saved these pictures during your Image Search tutorial.
  3. Go to the third slide. Using the Add Clip Art icon, search for and insert clip art of a computer onto that slide.
  4. Go to the fourth slide. Using the Insert menu, insert another picture from your folder in My Documents. Use the Format Picture dialog box to change something about that picture.
4 Part 1 - Recreate the organization chart of the three branches of the US government.
Part 2 - Recreate the cycle diagram of the water cycle.
Part 3 - Recreate the radial diagram of the houses of Hogwart's School of Magic.
Part 4 - Recreate the Venn diagram of the multiples of 3, multiples of 4, and multiples of 5.
Part 5 - Recreate the bar graph of the income for the US government from 2006-
5 Transitions
  1. Download transitions.ppt from this link.
  2. Set each slide to have the transition listed on it.
  3. View your PowerPoint slideshow before you show it to your teacher to make sure it's working correctly..
6 Slide Master
Part 1
  • Download PowerPoint_basics.ppt.
  • Choose a different slide design using the Slide Design Task Bar.
  • Change the background color of the slide master. If it is too difficult to select the background of that slide master, choose a different one.
Slide Master
Part 2
  • Make your own slide master just like I just did.
  • Change the fonts (without changing the text!) on the Slide Master
  • Put a picture in the background from your folder in My Documents. Remember to set the picture to Washout and Order>Send to Back
Slide Master
Part 3
Save the slide master you made in part 2 as a template. Save it in your folder in My Documents.
7 Drawing Tools 1) Make at least 5 different objects using the drawing tools you have been shown.
2) Modify the shadows and line styles of at least 2 of your shapes.
3) Have fun with this assignment!
8 Action Buttons 1) Make a simple PowerPoint with 4 slides, labeled Slide 1, Slide 2, Slide 3 and Slide 4.
2) Put these 4 action buttons on each PowerPoint slide:
    • Forward(Next)
    • Back(Previous)
    • Beginning
    • End

Put each button in the same place on each slide.
3) View your PowerPoint slideshow to make sure your buttons work correctly.
4) You can see an example at the bottom of this page (actions buttons tutorial page).

9 WordArt 1) Write your name or the name of a friend using Word Art.
2) Make at least one change to the to the color or line thickness of the WordArt.
10 Publishing no assignment
11 Printing no assignment


Mini Project #1 1 Levels of Organization Pyramid Chart
Mini Project #2 1 Feudal System Pyramid Chart
Mini Project #3 1 Illustration: How to Read the Periodic Table
Mini Project #4 3

Forms of Government Chart - PartA

Forms of Government Chart - Part B

Mini Project #5 5 Concept Maps
Project #1 6 Allied Medical Careers – 14 slide project
Project #2 15 Careers in Construction – 33 slide project

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