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Excel "Your Turn" Assignments
1 Overview of Terms 1) Open a new Excel worksheet.
2) Put your first name in cell B3
3) Put your last name in cell D4
2 Copying Data from the Internet 1) Start Excel and make sure you have a blank workbook.
2) Go to http://ca.movies.yahoo.com/mv/boxoffice/weekend/
2) Select the first 10 movies and their statistics.
3) Use ctrl + C to copy from the website, then ctrl + V to paste the table into your Excel workbook.
4) Save your workbook as weekend gross, in your folder in My Documents.
3 Format Cells
Part 1...........Part 2

Part 1
1) Remove the hyperlinks from the names of the movies in your table.
2) Change the size of the column for the name of the movie and the name of the movie production company.
3) Change the size of the font for the column of movie production companies to 8.
Part 2
1) Select the movie titles column.
2) Go to Format Cells > Alignment and choose wrap text.
3) Click and drag to select your whole table
4) Go to Format Cells > Borders and choose an outline style
5) Go to Patterns and choose a background color for your cells.

4 Entering Data
1) Enter the titles of the columns:
Last Week
This Week
Movie Title
Weekend Gross
Total Gross
Weeks in Release
2) Select the titles and make them bold by clicking the bold button. Number of Theaters
5 Simple formulas with AutoSum Use AutoSum to find the following:
* Total this weekend for the top 10 films
*Average this weekend for the top 10 films
*Average number of theatres for (pick one distribution company)
*Average number of theaters for (pick another distribution company)

Be sure to label each calculation.
6 Data sorting 1) Select your table with your header row and sort by Distributor. Show this to your teacher.
2) Select your table again and sort by This Week, which will put it back in the original order.
7 Making a Pie Chart 1) Select just the columns of movie titles and weekend grosses by holding down the ctrl key while you click and drag the two columns.
2) Go to Insert > Chart and choose one of the styles of pie chart. You do not have to choose the exact same style as I did.
3) Title your chart Weekend Gross Top Ten and put today's date in parentheses. Place the chart on its own worksheet.
8 Page Setup and Printing no assignment
9 Projects
MSExcel Projects
Project #1 Project #2
Earth Chemicals vs. Human Body Chemicals
World War II Death Statistics
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